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I am always looking for a way to make making beer easier. My friends have asked me for help, which I give my opinion. I find that I don’t have all the answers and I refer them to a number of websites to explore beer making. There two websites that have excellent products for the new brewer. Getting an all-in-one kit is the best way to start. The kits that I have found that make brewing easier are: 

The Beer Machine                   ORDER NOW The Beer Machine Co.  

Coopers   Micro Brewery  Kit       ORDER NOW  Microbrewery Kit 

Mr Beer                                      ORDER NOW  As Low As $39.95!


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      Why buy beer when you can make beer just as good as store bought?
      We offer a Full Size Home Brewing Kit and the brewing classic "The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing" for the low price of $120.
      This package comes with all you need for brewing beer, including a primary and secondary fermenter, bottle capper, bottlebrush, siphon hose, and more.
      In one quick click, you have access to all you need to be home brewing!
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