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Easy Stuff:  Home Brewing and Kits 

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  • I am always looking for a way to bring about making beer easier. My friends have asked me for help, which I give my opinion. I  find that I don’t have all the answers and I refer them to a number of websites to explore home brewing. There are two websites that have excellent products for the new brewer. Getting an all-in-one beer brew kit is the best way to start. And two more site for the more serious brewer. At the bottom of the page is a great recipe book. Be sure to look for this. The kits that I have found that make brewing easier are:  
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 Introducing the New Brew Master with 50 Dollars in Coupons   The Beer Machine

Features:    Price:

The Beer Machine is probably the easiest to use home brewing system available. The Beer Machine sets up quickly and easily. The instructions are easy: add water and the beer packet, wait a week, and you’ve got beer!


The makers of The Beer Machine designed it to be a single step fermenter, conditioning vessel and dispenser. This is an all in one machine designed to look like a keg! When you purchase your first kit, you are sent two different beers to brew: golden ale and red lager. Once brewed, these beers sit in your refrigerator and are poured directly from the Beer Machine, cold and refreshing on tap.


Many people have had great success with the Beer Machine. On their website are numerous testimonials. As well, there are many accessories for making the next batch of beer.


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Free Shipping at with coupon DADGRAD (orders of $100 or more)   Coopers Microbrewery Kit

Features:     Price: is an excellent resource for the person who wants to make beer at home. Similar to the Beer Machine, they have all-in-one kits. These kits are for the slightly more serious home brewer who is looking for beer in bottles.  

The Microbrewery Kit comes with fermenter, hydrometer (for calculating alcohol content!), bottles, instruction booklet and DVD, beer making package (lager) and several other items for making beer. This product allows for the home brewer to make beer free from additives and preservatives. The equipment you get can be interchanged with other items you may purchase as beer making becomes a part of your life.


After you get your first batch of brewing underway, you will begin to think about what beer should be next. provides several beer kits to choose from.  Whether you are looking for a light pale ale or a stout, this store has this and more.


What is most interesting is this kit is made and shipped by a Brewery! Coopers Brewery in Iowa   provides these kits and ships them to you. The Microbrewery Kit is an excellent beer-making package.


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Also Recommended                      


Mr. Beer - Makes A Great Gift!
Features:    Price:


This is a really neat system. To a degree, this system is a blend of Beer Machine and Compact and providing about 2 gallons of beer when you are done brewing. The kit comes with a fermenter (with tap assembly), ingredients for one batch of beer, bottles, labels and a how-to book.


What is most convenient about is it has choices of kits that allow someone to dip their toe in the brewing waters for a low price, $39.95. Though the less expensive kit does not have all the bells and whistles the other kits have, it does provide a person looking into brewing a low cost alternative to being fully involved. has other kits. They are all two gallon kits. The choices in kits allow for more brewing experience, as well as some good old beer drinking needs, like pint glasses. Once you have brewed your first batch and are ready for another, has convenient packages already put together to make other beers. Also, if you want to explore with taste and types, they have ingredients ready to make the recipe of your choice. And to perfect your beer, they have other accessories ranging from bottles and caps to parts.


With its many options available to the beginning home brewer, I find a useful and friendly company


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Beer Recipe Books


Find Some Great Resources For Making Beer

Books: and Some Beer Recipes to Follow

  • After making beer for a few years, I found a number of useful resources along the way. These are books that lay the foundation for great beer making and recipes to get the exact flavor you are looking for, even if the flavor is a popular beer you find in the grocery. In the past I would feel overwhelmed with coming up with a good recipe. I felt there had to be a better way.

Our Top Recommendation   


Home Brewing Recipes The Ultimate Home Brewers Recipe Book


This is an incredible resource. The Ultimate Home Brewers Recipe Book has over 600 beers to choose from. Clone beers and home brew winners are all included. (Clone beer recipes are blessings for me because I am still trying to figure out how to make many beers. Having this resource is very helpful.)  


This book gives many examples of beers from stout's and porters to light fruit beer and ales. Having this resource as a referral helps me to make designer beers and also food for thought when I am ready to experiment with a batch.  


This book is downloadable from a link send to your email account and comes with a money back guarantee for one time purchase of $19.95 (That I really like!) These amenities make this purchase both convenient and safe on the wallet.


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